The Roots Music Project # 179 (October 3, 2009)
Host: Jeremy Baldwin
Heard On WEMU 89.1 FM Ypsilanti, MI (Saturdays 12-2pm EST)

1st Hour
Cabin Down Below-The Gibson Brothers (Iron & Diamonds-2008)
Blood On The Bluegrass-Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers (Cockadoodledon’t-2003)
Snaggle Tooth Mama-Those Darlins (Those Darlins-2009)
Cheap Reward-The Devil Makes Three (Do Wrong Right-2009)
Interview with Jason Ringenberg (Recorded 9/21/09)
Sun Don’t Shine-Jason Ringenberg w/ Paul Burch (All Over Creation-2002)
Interview with Paul Burch Pt. 1 (Recorded 9/29/09)
Like A Train-Paul Burch (Still Your Man-2009)
Interview with Paul Burch Pt. 2 (Recorded 9/29/09)
Absolutely Sweet Marie-Jason & The Scorchers (Fervor/Lost & Found-1983)
Pretty Dresses-Amy Farris (Anyway-2004)

The final 1:15 minutes of the show were preempted by the Eastern Michigan vs. Temple Football broadcast